common home buying myths

Common Home Buying Myths

Buying a house is both exciting and stressful at the same time and whether you are a first time buyer or climbing the property ladder, you are guaranteed to receive lots of advice throughout your house buying journey. Now some of this advice will be helpful of course, however, some advice although given with best intentions intended, may not be so helpful.

unpopular property types with lenders

Unpopular Property Types with Lenders

Whether you’re looking to buy your first house or to move up the property ladder, it is helpful to know the types of properties that lenders are more reluctant to lend for. Some properties are seen as being a bit riskier than others due to a range of reasons such as location, security issues, the requirement for repairs and the type of deal needed to enter into an agreement to buy.

is let to buy still an option in 2019

Is Let to Buy still an option in 2020?

When buying a house, the ideal scenario is that you sell your existing property at asking price, find your dream house and move in. Unfortunately, this is not always the scenario that takes place in the complicated property world and people often find themselves unable to sell their existing property for the price they want and/or in time to buy their dream property.


Top tips for remortgaging your property

Remortgaging entails changing your mortgage to a different deal. It can be with the same lender or with a new lender. People remortgage to get a better interest rate, to reduce monthly payments or to shorten the time it will take to pay back the loan. Remortgaging is also a way to borrow additional money for home improvements or to pay off other debts.

top tips on getting a mortgage when you’re self-employed

Top tips on getting a mortgage when you’re self-employed

There is a common misconception that it is now very hard to get a mortgage in the UK if you are self-employed. It is true that self-certification mortgages are no longer available due to them being banned in 2011 after wide misuse by lenders and borrowers. These mortgages were previously very popular with self-employed people and quite easy to get, but in their absence, there are still other options on the market for self-employed borrowers.

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