How much is my house worth?
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How Much Is My House Worth?

If you are looking to remortgage or maybe you’re looking to move house, you will no doubt be asking the question “what is my house worth”? Use this house price calculator for a rough estimation of what your property is worth based on previous sale prices and market movements in the property’s area.

For further information about house values then please click here to refer to our house value guide. And bear in mind that the actual answer to your question “how much is my house worth?”, may be more or less than the calculator’s estimation as it is designed to give you an initial idea only. Your mortgage lender will usually carry out a full valuation of the property to establish how much it is worth.

House Price Index Calculator

House Price Calculator

1 Enter the last known value of the property.

2 Enter the year that this valuation was made and in which quarter of the year.

3 Enter the region of the UK the property is in.

4 Enter the year and quarter of the year in which you wish to know the value of the property (usually this will be the current year and quarter).

Remember this is just an estimate based on general market changes in the area.

Valuation date 1 Valuation date 2 Percentage change