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How Much Deposit Do I Need?

When considering taking out a mortgage, one of the most common and perhaps most important questions asked is "how much deposit do I need" or "how much deposit do I need to buy a house"? Our mortgage deposit calculator will work out how much deposit you need to save to be able to buy the property you are aiming for.

Simply enter how much deposit you are trying to accumulate, your existing savings and then either how much you can save per month or the date that you will need your deposit by. Our mortgage deposit calculator will then work out when you will reach your target or how much money you will need to save to reach your deposit goal by the chosen date.

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Mortgage Deposit calculator

Mortgage Deposit Calculator

1 Enter the value of the property you plan to buy

2 Enter the deposit % you are aiming to achieve of the full house value

3 Enter your current savings

4 Either enter the amount you plan to save each month, or, enter the date that you feel you will need the deposit by.

5 Enter your savings interest rate

6 Enter your tax band

7 Calculate!


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