You can use our mortgage overpayment calculator to find out how much money you can save on interest over the life of your mortgage. If you have any other questions just get in touch with our advisors who will be happy to help!

Work Out The Cost Savings Of Making An Overpayment On Your Mortgage

mortgage overpayment

If you are lucky enough to have some spare cash, you might want to make a mortgage overpayment to help reduce your debt.

There are of course pros and cons of doing this which are discussed fully in our mortgage overpayment guide. Before you use the mortgage overpayment calculator, bear in mind that not all mortgages allow overpayments.

If you are able to make overpayments with your mortgage, then use our overpayment mortgage calculator now to work out how much interest it could save you in the long term.

How to Use Mortgage Overpayment Calculator
  • Enter how much you are borrowing or intend to borrow
  • Enter the interest rate
  • Enter the mortgage term remaining
  • Select the repayment type of your mortgage
  • Enter any lump sum payment that you expect to make and the expected date
  • Enter the amount you plan to regularly overpay and the frequency
  • Calculate!
One off overpayments
Regular overpayments
Payment Details
Monthly Principal & Interest Less Number of Payments Less Total Interest paid over the term
Payment Chart

This illustrates how your outstanding mortgage balance will decrease over the term of your loan. This does not account for interest rate changes or other fees such as early repayment charges.

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