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How do we help you find the best interest only mortgage rates?

When you want to compare interest only mortgages it can sometimes feel a little bit confusing. There are just so many mortgage deals available!

That’s why we built our mortgage comparison robot to help guide your through the minefield of mortgage interest rates, fees and features.

Unlike the usual mortgage comparison sites, we take into account your personal situation to help filter out mortgage deals that you won’t be able to apply for. That way we can focus on giving you information on the single best mortgage for you!

Give it a try now, it’s free and only takes 5 minutes!

How does the interest only mortgage finder work?

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Tell us a little about who you are and what you need

Tell us a little about who you
are and what you need

We instantly analyse Thousands
of the best mortgage rates

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We instantly analyse Thousands of the best mortgage rates
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We show you the best mortgage match and are ready to arrange it for you

We show you the best mortgage
match and are ready to arrange
it for you

The vast majority of cases are handled free of charge! However, there are some more complex situations where a fee will need to be applied. We will ALWAYS let you know this UPFRONT and with no commitment on your part. Transparency is integral to our service.

Once the mortgage comparison is complete our award winning team of expert mortgage advisers are here for you

Answers any of your questions

Double check you have explored all options

Arrange your mortgage from start to finish

What are the best interest only mortgages?

There is no such thing as the best mortgage because everyone’s situation is a little different. Interest only mortgages have some very particular criteria that you must meet when it comes to explaining how you will repay the loan and each lender will take a different stance on this. So sometimes the best deal is the one that will match your repayment strategy. There is always one thing in common though and that is saving money! When we compare mortgages we focus on finding you the best overall value. The best interest only mortgage rates may come with higher fees which can lead to you paying more than you need to. We make sure not to get caught out.

What are the ingredients for the best interest only mortgage?

Interest only buy to let mortgage

If you are looking to compare interest only buy to let mortgages then you are in luck! Many of the best deals will accept interest only applications for a buy to let on the grounds that the property could be sold if their were ever any complications that left you unable to repay the debt.

Simply create an account and we can help you instantly search through the best interest only buy to let mortgages and then our expert team will help arrange it all for free!

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Interest only remortgage

If you need to remortgage your current interest only home loan then we also have you covered! Whether you need to simply find a cheaper option, raise extra cash or are looking for particular features, just sign up and search!

With access to more than 90 lenders we will help you find some of the best remortgage deals available and arrange it all from start to finish totally for free!

Free interest only mortgage advice

That’s right!

Fees free mortgage advice. It’s as simple as that. You can compare mortgages instantly and our system will help find you the best interest only mortgages. Our team of experts will then happily double and triple check and get you all set up. As interest only mortgages are extra tricky, free advice can be absolutely invaluable.

Wondering how we make money?

Rather than charging our customers any fees we rely solely on the commission that the lenders offer in exchange for us arranging the mortgage. It’s actually cheaper for lenders to pay a mortgage broker to introduce them to new customers as we make less mistakes than their own staff! That’s also why lenders often give us mortgage broker exclusive deals that you can benefit from.