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What is Japanese knotweed?

Japanese knotweed was introduced to the UK by the Victorians in the 1800s. It was imported as an ornamental shrub and has been a pest to property ever since. It is a bamboo-like hardy plant which grows deep into the ground (up to 3 metres) and can grow to a height of 7 metres.

Japanese knotweed can cause structural damage to property by eating into concrete and tarmac. It can block underground drains and ruin paving and walls. Its presence can have a hugely negative impact on a property’s value and can also affect neighbouring properties.

Japanese Knotweed

How does Japanese knotweed affect your mortgage application?

Mortgage lenders are very cautious about lending against properties that are affected by Japanese knotweed. They will be concerned that the property will be at risk of substantial damage and that it might not resell should they ever need to take possession of it. Sometimes, mortgage lenders will decline a mortgage for this reason or they may insist you carry out a professional eradication plan and require proof that the Japanese knotweed has gone before they are willing to offer a loan.

Each lender deals with the issue of Japanese knotweed differently, so speak to our team of advisers who can guide you about which mortgage lenders are most flexible if you have a problem with knotweed. And at the same time, make plans to start getting the the weed removed.

Japanese knotweed removal

Although it is possible to remove the Japanese knotweed yourself, it can be a lengthy process and needs the correct chemicals, timing and disposal. It is therefore advised that you speak with an expert so that they can advise you on the extent of the problem and the likely cost to treat it.

The process can take a significant amount of time and usually requires repeated application of the chemicals. At the end of the process the knotweed removal company should be able to issue a form of guarantee that the weed is completely eradicated.

Final thoughts

In summary, if you have Japanese knotweed present on your property or nearby, don’t despair – there are lenders who will be willing to consider lending to you as long as you are willing to follow a plan to eradicate the problem. It is best to be upfront about the fact that there is Japanese knotweed on your property, rather than attempt to conceal it as any survey carried out will most likely pick it up.

Speak to our team today with any concerns you might have about Japanese knotweed and getting a mortgage.

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