mortgage offer in a stricter market

Tips to Get a Mortgage Offer in a Stricter Market

Times have changed in recent years and it isn’t as easy to get a mortgage as it used to be. Lending criteria have gradually become stricter and lenders are more cautious. However, it is not all doom and gloom as there are now more mortgage lenders than ever before. Mortgage applicants just need to be very well prepared and also informed about the current state of the market.

advantages of buying a home

The Advantages of Buying a Home Over Renting

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial transaction an individual makes in their lifetime and for many people, it is a commitment worth making. Home offers so much more than just four walls and a roof. It provides a sense of security, it can offer comfort and to some, it is a status symbol that shows accomplishment.

frequently asked question

Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgages

When applying for a mortgage, there are many unknowns and grey areas. It helps to be as well informed as possible before you start the application process so that you can start off in the right direction. It also helps to get mortgage advice – you can get good free advice from but before you do, here are some of the most common questions you might like answers to before you go any further with your mortgage application journey.