You must be asking yourself, how much is my house worth? No problem, you can get a quick estimate with our house price calculator. If you have any other questions just get in touch with our advisors who will be happy to help!

How Much Is My House Worth?

House of Price Index Calculator

If you are looking to remortgage or maybe you’re looking to move house, you will no doubt be asking the question “what is my house worth”?

Use this house price calculator for a rough estimation of what your property is worth based on previous sale prices and market movements in the property’s area.

For further information about house values then please refer to our house value guide. And bear in mind that the actual answer to your question “how much is my house worth?”, may be more or less than the calculator’s estimation as it is designed to give you an initial idea only.

Your mortgage lender will usually carry out a full valuation of the property to establish how much it is worth.

How to Use House Price Index Calculator

You must be asking yourself, how much is my house worth? No problem, you can get a quick estimate with our house price calculator. If you have any other questions, just get in touch with our advisors who will be happy to help.

Remember this is just an estimate based on general market changes in the area.

0 250 000 500 000 750 000 1 000 000
Valuation date 1 Valuation date 2 Percentage change
(Q1) £448,000

How Much Is My House Worth? Mortgage Guide

Other ways to value your house

  • Research similar houses that are currently for sale in your area. Try to look for properties of a similar size and condition.
  • Research how much similar houses have recently sold for in your area. Previous sale prices are one of the strongest indicators of current local values.
  • Use property websites to look at houses (for sale and recently sold) on your street.
  • Research the property market in your area. How is it performing? Are properties selling quickly or have things been slow?
  • Contact a local estate agent for an agent valuation. It is recommended that you contact 3 to 4 local estate agents and consider a value that is in the middle of their estimates.
  • Use the Land Registry service to see recent sold prices and also review the UK house price index for trends.
Let’s look at a few valuation methods and tools in a bit more detail for clarity.

Using the Land Registry service

When searching for properties in your nearby area that have recently sold, you can now get access to detailed, specific data that used to be accessible to estate agents and mortgage lenders only.

The Land Registry and the Registers of Scotland can be used by anyone so you no longer need to to approach estate agents for this valuable information.

Be aware that it takes three months for sold homes to appear in searches.

You can also use the Land Registry service to get an overview of the housing market in both your area and nationally.

Its UK House Price Index gives average house prices by country and region, further breaking them down into different property types.

Use the service to find out how many properties are changing hands in your area, and how much for.

Find out how your home's value might have changed

For a rough estimation of what your property is worth based on previous sale prices and market movements in the property’s area, use this house price calculator.

If you don’t know the last sale price, find the most recent price for a similar property on the street and enter this. The tool provides a crude estimate only but it can give you an idea of how price fluctuations affect value.

Stay up to date with housing market forecasts

Read about property trends and forecasts as much as possible to help determine your property valuation. There are a number of websites that compile this information for you, collecting statistics from various sources. is one such website that uses statistics to predict property crashes. Its name may be off putting but it is a useful source of statistics and predictions.

how much is my house worth

Factors to consider when researching "How much is my house worth?"

  • Location – Some roads within an area could be more desirable than others and even one end of a road might be more desirable than the other.
  • The condition of your house - If your house is in need of repair and modernisation, don’t compare it with a house that has been fully refurbished.
  • The size and layout of the house. Compare like with like. Bear in mind that some properties on your street may have been extended out the back or into the loft.
  • Crime rates – is the crime rate in your area worse or better than surrounding areas?
  • Is there a flood risk? You can obtain the flooding history of a property from the Environment Agency or check if a property is in a flood risk location.
  • School catchment areas. Compare your property with houses that are in the same school catchment area.
  • Distance to transport links.
  • Other factors like the state of wiring, boiler, damp and plumbing problems can also affect the value.

How can I add value to my property?

There are a number of things you can do to try to add value to your property. Keep in mind though that some cosmetic changes won’t necessarily add value to your home, they may simply make it easier to sell.
  • Add a new kitchen or bathroom. 
  • Create more light. Clever lighting can make your home look a lot more spacious and inviting. 
  • A home extension will often add the most value although this is also the most costly option.
  • You can convert the loft or cellar for additional space, without having to extend.
  • If your garage isn’t being used to park a car, it could be converted into additional living space.
  • Renovate the outside of the property to make it more presentable.


An agent valuation is a valuation of your home conducted by an estate agent. They will inspect your home and then give you a current valuation.

You will not be charged for an agent valuation. It is free.

The agent will carry out an inspection of your property and use their local housing market knowledge to provide you with an estimated value.

Approach three to four agents to get a mix of opinion. You are not obliged to use any of them to sell your property.

You can still approach an estate agent even if you are not sure you will be selling your property. Or you can get a good indication of your home’s worth using Propillo’s House Price Calculator above and carrying out some basic research yourself

No, the Land Registry service is free and available to all.

Practice Guides, Land Registry Forms and House Price Data

Final considerations

We are all prone to wondering “how much is my property worth”? Before contacting an estate agent, there are a number of things you can do to work it out yourself but ultimately, if you are serious about selling your property then you will need to speak with an estate agent for an accurate assessment.

In the meantime though, use our house value calculator to give you an initial idea. And if you need advice on anything mortgage related, speak with one of our advisers.

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